Magnolia 5.4 veröffentlicht

Magnolia hat das release 5.4 fertiggestellt. „The new version makes development faster and more agile.“ ich bin gespannt. Test folgt.

„Magnolia 5.4 is a significant step forward for developers because of the increased capabilities and agility it enables. The result is improved collaboration among teams and faster work with less input. The new release significantly lowers the entry barrier for developers, who are now able to configure by file and use light java-free modules, in addition to having access to a powerful and easy-to-use templating kit. This makes Magnolia much more accessible.“
–Philipp Bärfuss, CTO Magnolia

Key features of the new release include hooks to easily integrate modern front-end frameworks (such as AngularJS and Bootstrap), light modules built with configuration instead of Java, a streamlined development workflow and a simplified set of templates that make developing faster. Front end developers can learn the basics of Magnolia templating in an hour and build a website in a day, leveraging their existing tools and skill set.

Another key element of the latest Enterprise release is the Campaign Publisher module, which enables campaign managers to manage all content and assets from a marketing campaign in one single place. This allows campaign managers to ensure that even large numbers of campaign elements stay together and go live when they should.

„Today’s organizations need to face the massive challenges that digital transformation poses. From an IT perspective, existing backend systems like ERPs and CRMs provide the backbone of an organization. But to survive digital transformation, organizations need to de-couple the conservatively managed back office systems from the progressive needs of the front-end developers. Magnolia provides that gateway – from the frontend to the backend. And Magnolia 5.4 empowers today’s front-end developers in a way that no system has ever done before. It is the perfect solution to bi-modal IT, with type one focused on stability, security and efficiency and type two focused on agile application development, time-to-market, and alignment with business units.“
— Boris Kraft, CVO Magnolia

light-module-dir-structure.png.png.2015-07-09-10-15-06A consistent development workflow and YAML-based configuration by file
Magnolia 5.4 enables a consistent, straightforward workflow for editing templates, resources (like Javascript and CSS) and configuration directly on the file system. Developers can now build powerful extensions using simple YAML files. Configuration by file has a number of advantages, including increased transparency, ease of editing and better collaboration for developer teams. The configuration possibilities enable better teamwork and smoother developer workflow, resulting in more agile deployment.

Light modules
Light modules are another important new feature, allowing developers to customize Magnolia by using frontend technologies and HTML on the file system. They can quickly and easily develop light modules and apps without Java know-how and by using their favourite tools, including CSS and HTML editors, instead of Java IDEs and build tools.

Magnolia Templating Essentials
The new Magnolia Templating Essentials (MTE) is a set of 32 reusable component templates that allows developers to quickly build templates for their projects. Because it is front-end framework agnostic, it enables front-end developers to develop powerful integrations with front-end frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation.

Campaign Publisher
Magnolia 5.4 also features a new Campaign Publisher module, which allows authors to define, review and publish entire campaigns consisting of pages, assets and other resources within Magnolia.

Dynamic page caching
The latest release is designed to work with an optional dynamic page caching product. This product allows developers of personalized high-performance sites to fragment pages into cached and non-cached elements so as to partially cache highly dynamic pages, and thus increase performance and speed.

Amazon S3 support for asset storage
5.4 allows users to optionally manage assets in Amazon S3 while using them in Magnolia. Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an online file storage web service. Using Amazon S3 takes the load of storing and serving large assets off your Magnolia servers, bringing unlimited asset management scalability to Magnolia projects.

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