How to install Subversion / SVN plugin for Eclipse

To install the Subclipse plugin:

1. In Eclipse, click Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install…

2. Choose „Search for new features to install“.

3. Click the „Add Site…“ button.

4. Enter „[WWW]“ into the URL field. Click OK.

5. Eclipse will contact the Subclipse site for available plugins. Select „Subclipse“, „Version Control with Subversion“ and click Next.

6. Accept the terms of the agreement, and click „Finish“.

7. The plugins will probably not be signed. You will get warnings. Click „Install“.

8. If prompted, click to restart the Eclipse workbench.

Feel free to visit for a more powerful SVN tool!

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  1. You should really consider using Subversive rather than Subclipse. For us it turned out to be more stable and it offers a bunch of useful functionality that Subclipse does not.

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